Wheelbuilder and Team RWB

After losing my Zipp 900 disc due to some structural carbon cracking underneath the brake track I was definitely super bummed. I’d been told by Zipp that a crash replacement would run me about $1,000, which was definitely about $1,000 outside my budget.

Zipp wheel crack

Luckily I’d been able to get my hands on a Wheelbuilder Aerojacket for one of my wheels. I had been wanting to put a logo or paint scheme on my Zipp when it was still alive, but never got around to doing it. With the Aerojacket being simply vinyl plastic, it was a lot more enticing to try it out, as the consequences of messing up were a lot less. But what to put on it?

This year, at the same time that I was asked by my friend, Nicole, if I wanted to do a relay with her at the Leon’s Triathlon, I also found out about Team Red, White and Blue. Now, if you’ve never encountered Team RWB, you are in for a treat! I have never come across such a dedicated and friendly group of athletes. I’m a part of both their Triathlon and Cycling groups on Facebook and every single person is friendly, helpful and just plain awesome! An organization dedicated to helping veterans, it is not just relegated to military folk, there are also many who have never served that believe in the mission of Team RWB,

to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity.

Well, that got me thinking. I already rock the Team Red White and Blue Zoot one-piece tri suit, and for Christmas I received the Pactimo Team Red, White and Blue cycling jersey. Let’s keep this going with Team Red, White and Blue.


-Wheelbuilder Aerojacket

-Americana ‘Cool White’ and ‘Cherry Red’ acrylic paint

-Blue painter’s tape

-Exacto blade


Since we weren’t doing anything at work I decided to get going on cutting out the stencils I would use. If you’d like the stencil, I have it in a word document and you can just email me for it.20140102-185752.jpg

When I got home we went out to the store for the remainder of the supplies at Michael’s.


Then I got to work. I started off taping all the way down the side, making sure there were no gaps in the painter’s tape. Once It was taped I proceeded to carefully cut out the Eagle so I would be able to remove the dead space and begin painting.








It took about 5-6 layers of paint to really start to show the true color without any black showing through. The white was much friendlier about layering. Once the paint dried I used the exacto blade to trace around the edges, that way when I peeled the tape off it wouldn’t pull the paint and mess up what I’d just finished.20140102-185827.jpg20140102-185800.jpg







The overall look turned out very good, I think. If I were to do it again, I would use a Krylon spray paint instead of brushing it on. It would probably have saved me a lot of time, but I did get to sit in the living room and paint with my wife nearby to chat with, rather than spending all my time in the garage spraying. All in all, well worth it.20140102-185837.jpg20140102-185849.jpg