New Setup!

After spending most of the year on my SWEET FM098 that I ordered and built earlier this year, I had an itch to change things up and go to a TT setup for a bit. It happened to be prime time to do it because A) getting ready to move B) focusing on studies and running and C) it was time to give her some TLC for all the miles I got this summer.

So here’s what went down:

First, I was able to trade my SRAM Force Brifters (Brake/shifter levers) on Slowtwitch for a set of Specialized Shiv alloy time trial bars with SRAM brake levers and SRAM 500 shifters. I was VERY excited to get these bad boys in the mail.

I started off by stripping my bike of all the old, nasty cables that had rusted in some spots doe to crappy weather in IL. Next time I’ll make sure I get things cleaned regularly so I don’t have tons of crap sitting in the lines. Once I had everything stripped off I did a thorough cleaning of the drivetrain. I’ve come to really like the new line of bike products by WD-40. It did an excellent job on my nasty cassette, my grimy crank and just plan disgusting chain.



I forgot to take before pictures of most of the stuff, but believe me, it was nasty and the WD-40 did an excellent job of cleaning it up. It even helped my sink stay clean when I rinsed everything.

Now was time to put it all back together again. This is the second time I’ve run cables on a TT setup and let me tell you, it is WAY easier than getting everything adjusted on a road bike. Especially with front derailleur as all you have to do is set the position and you can adjust it on the fly as you shift your rear derailleur. The only thing I found to be a pain in the but while setting this up was threading the brake cables through the internals of the aerobar. But, once I got it figured out by threading old shifter cable through as a guide it went way smoother. The final outcome on the setup looks amazing, I think. Only one adjustment is needed from this point and that’s finding a smaller stem so I don’t have to stretch quite as far, stressing my lower back. I’m very excited to take this out for some long miles in California in the coming months!

Without further ado, here’s the newest evolution of my machine:

IMG_1590 IMG_1591 IMG_1592 IMG_1611

You’ll notice that I’m using the Speedfil A2 BTA (Between the arms) bottle cage with Garmin mount on top. This is the latest thing for hydration in an aero format. My Garmin Edge 500 is tucked behind my hands and, therefore, hidden from the wind, creating better aerodynamics.