Personal Bio

Growing up in rural Stevensville, Montana the opportunity for running, swimming and biking weren’t too readily available for competition. Choir and Speech and Drama were my choices in school and that was where I excelled. I briefly got into riding bikes and a few times rode to my school about 30 miles away, but that was the extent of my cycling.

After joining the Army in 2006 I found that I was able to run reasonably well, to Army standards, anyway. I enjoyed the PT and knew that I would be going active duty as soon as I finished high school. I got a job as a Forward Observer with Airborne and attended training in both Fort Sill, OK and Fort Benning, GA.

My 3 years stationed in Fort Richardson, AK were wasted sports wise and that’s where I saw my heaviest weight. While in Afghanistan I lifted weights a lot, but more importantly, I ran my first half marathon. Although it was a slow race I was very happy with it and had the bug.

When I got to Illinois I knew it was time for a change. I sold my motorcycle to buy a bicycle, a 2009 Specialized Transition. Starting out with running races in 2011 and eventually moving into triathlon with my first sprint and 70.3 in 2012. When I finished 70.3 Branson I knew that I was completely hooked and that I needed to start being serious about training.

I also ended up meeting my wife, Marnie, in 2011 and we were married in the Salt Lake City, UT Temple on September 16, 2011. She’s been very supportive of me as long as I am taking care of my chores around the house. We had our daughter, Genevieve, on January 15th, 2013 and could not be any happier. While it does put a strain on hard training I am figuring out how to get the training done while still being home as much as possible to be with my family.

2013 has been a really breakout year for me. I started running regularly, pushing hard speedwork and I started cycling more, going for longer rides and working intervals. I brought my 5k time below 20 minutes, with the help of my running coach I was able to PR at the half marathon distance twice in 7 days on what were going to be used as training runs. We’ll see how far I can push the boundaries of my abilities.


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